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27-Feb-07, 13:11
Reading the Book of Hills and Seas
by T'ao Ch'ien
A.D. 372 - 427
translated by A. Waley

In the month of June the grass grows high
And round my cottage thick-leaved branches sway.
There is not a bird but delights in the place where it rests.
And I too - love my thatched cottage.
I have done my ploughing.
I have sown my seed.
Again I have time to sit and read my books.
In the narrow lane there are no deep ruts;
Often my friends' carriages turn back.
In high spirits I pour out my spring wine
And pluck the lettuce growing in my garden.
A gentle rain comes stealing up from the east
And a sweet wind bears it company.
My thoughts float idly over the story of the king of Chou
My eyes wander over the pictures of Hills and Seas.
At a single glance I survey the whole Universe.
He will never be happy, whom such pleasures fail to please!

27-Feb-07, 14:31
What a beautiful passage Trinkie - it just breathes tranquillity...

Thank you for sharing it with us.