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03-Mar-14, 19:51
i have just read about this on facebook thought i would share it here the more people that know about it the better

** new banking scam alert ** this happened to me tonight!

I just answered the house phone to a guy who claimed to be from RBS Internet banking fraud department, said his name was Michael Duncan and asked if I'd set up a payment today online to a Mrs Jane Moir for 200?

He asked if I was Julie Fraser, he told me my address and then when I confirmed that and said no I hadn't set up a payment today he asked me to call the fraud department back where they would take me through security and ask some more questions. I asked for the number to call and he said that he'd rather not give me a number but for me to call the number on the back if my bank card ending 2424. I asked him which account he was referring to and again he said if I called back into the bank. They would confirm it all after security. He also asked if anyone from the bank had called me already or had I called in as there was a note on the record that someone had called claiming to be me.

I hung up, got my bank card found the number ending 2424 on the back, pressed the call button to start dialling but there was no dialling tone!

That's when it dawned on me it was a scam...they stay on the line in the hope that you don't realise and dual the number which I presume they will "answer". I asked if he was still on the line....silence! I hung up for a few seconds, pressed the call button again, still no dialling tone, said to Steve, loudly, I'll call it from my mobile then the call was disconnected!! I hung up, pressed the call button again and this time there was a dialling tone...I called my bank, went through security questions told them about my call and the girl I spoke to in the call centre confirmed that no payment had been set up today to pay anyone!

So beware...this really happened to me 30 minutes ago and remember NEVER to give your details to anyone claiming to be calling from a bank no matter how much info they appear to know about you!

Kevin Milkins
03-Mar-14, 23:14
That's a bit of a worry, (or a coincidence) I pay a monthly amount to a Julie Fraser. You have to be on the ball to keep ahead of these scammers, but I feel sorry for the less savvy users of computers.

03-Mar-14, 23:20
This is Julie Fraser, the photographer from Thurso. The link came through my page too.

Kevin Milkins
04-Mar-14, 00:06
The Julie Fraser that I pay an amount to is a different Julie Fraser (from Newcastle) but it goes to show that it can be easily roped into a duff prompt from someone that is after your hard earned.

Big Gaz
04-Mar-14, 01:08
another reason why you should always shred receipts and other important financial documents that you no longer need. 2 mins of rummaging through someones bin can usually provide a debit card receipt which will show the last 4 digits of a debit card used to pay. It is then easy enough to find out who lives at that address especially so if they have been careless and threw mail out with all their personal and financial details on it.