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03-Mar-14, 17:27
Message for dog owners – Your Dog, Your Mess, Your £40 Fine!
http://www.caithness.org/posterads2014/dogfouling_s.jpg (http://community.caithness.org/article.php?id=4408)Your Dog, Your Mess, Your £40 Fine is the clear and simple message on a new poster produced by The Highland Council aimed at irresponsible dog owners who allow their dogs to foul in public places. Dog wardens and enforcement officers have been identifying dog fouling ‘hotspots’ in areas across the Highlands which are to be patrolled and enforcement action taken if owners fail to pick up after their dogs. The latest initiative follows on from the national Dog Fouling Fortnight last autumn that aimed to raise awareness of the issue. During the fortnight the public were invited to take part in surveys and report problem areas. Dog owners face fix penalty fines of £40, rising to £60 if not paid within 28 days and possible conviction and a fine of up to £500 if this remains unpaid.

there s an awful lot of £40 ,s lying on the streets of wick .. where s the dog catcher.

03-Mar-14, 23:21
Haha tell them to go to the golf course (okay not a public place, but some of the public think it is)they would make a fortune in fines, infact I would hazard a guess at enough money could be raised in a month to clear the national debt,

03-Mar-14, 23:30
Had to nip to the Post Office today... Couldn't take my eyes off the pavement what with all the dog crap I had to dodge... Probably better off walking on the road.

04-Mar-14, 20:35
I did a similar thread last week about the poo problem in Thurso. It is awful, as I stated previously it's like an obstacle course pushing my stroller around. Can't look up off pavements.