View Full Version : The Todd Whiting Experience

26-Feb-07, 18:07

as it says

a wee school band jammin


band is made just to fill slots for times! haha really a joke tbh

01-Mar-07, 20:35
The drumming is good, but I think I could have done a better job of the vocals myself! :lol:

01-Mar-07, 22:37
Not bad, though.

So how many bands are you in now, Zebedy?

And where do you find the time to practice in-between designing jobs?

Out of interest, where did you guys practice/film? Looks a pretty neat garage for a garage band!

02-Mar-07, 22:49
the singer yeah i know he canna sing, but hes big ginger and everybody loves him in school! lol

thats out music class btw! he he

looks good eh?

not really though!...

i set the kit up though! swish as i could get it two floor toms!


this is just a wee jam after school!
cheers to Mr C Frame! (Y)

yeah i know ure readin this Frame!!! haha:lol: