View Full Version : Vet outside of Caithness?

Tilly Teckel
27-Feb-14, 19:39
Can anyone recommend a good vet outside of Caithness? I've searched the web and can see a number of them between here and Inverness, but would prefer to have some word of mouth recommendation rather than choosing one at random. Thanks in advance!

28-Feb-14, 11:56
Heard the Rogart vet is good.

Tilly Teckel
28-Feb-14, 15:15
Thanks, you're the second person to recommend them!

02-Mar-14, 14:37
Crown Vets in Inverness, very good.

Tilly Teckel
02-Mar-14, 15:09
Thanks Bo-Peep :)

12-Mar-14, 06:32
May I ask, what's up with DS McGregor?

14-Mar-14, 23:46
rogart vet is great

Tilly Teckel
14-Mar-14, 23:47
Thanks Violetsky :)