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27-Feb-14, 16:19
After watching a programme on TV about dog food. I've been considering changing my boys diet.
He has been suffering itchy skin for a good while now and whilst steroids do sort it out the side effects are horrendous and I don't want to use them anymore. The next step is allergy tests and I'm not keen to go down that route either.
The food I'm considering is Lily's kitchen. Does anyone use it or know anyone that does?

I should add the food he is on at the moment is James Well Beloved (dried) with a tiny bit of gravy through it. All his treats are natural range from pets at home and he rarely gets human food.

Would appreciate any help or advice.

02-Mar-14, 13:15
One of my dog used to get really itchy skin from gravy bones and we also changed there diet too big difference in their poo as well .

02-Mar-14, 14:36
Even just by giving him the gravy you could be causing him to react by being itchy, try a gluten free diet and stick to it, no gravy!!!!

02-Mar-14, 19:37
Lily's Kitchen is a really good but, unfortunately, it didn't agree with Benjy as he has a very sensitive tum. :(

He has been on Naturediet for many years and, at 11 years old, he has great teeth, a shiny coat and plenty of energy. So I would highly recommend this food.

02-Mar-14, 20:45
Applaws is a really good food as well. My cats are fed the dry and wet which they love.


02-Mar-14, 22:02

I recently change both my dog one 11 years and the other 8 years old, on to Collards http://www.collardspetfood.co.uk/ I can recommend it highly, I feed them a combination of wet and dry food and they love it, the wet smells and looks great. I buy it from pet planet online and they only chage and extra 2.95 to have it set up here which I think is reasonable.


12-Mar-14, 05:29
We have been fortunate to have had dozens of working collies during our farming life. Not one has ever had skin or digestive problems. During the last 10 years they have been eating Dr Johns and the Gelert tinned dog food, both available from CLB. The only treats they get are Lidl custard creams. They eat grass, sticky willie, raw carrots and calf poo. They have been, and still are, happy, shiney, bouncy, clever dogs.
I have never felt the need to buy expensive, fancy feed for them. Many years ago when we were on a hill farm in Cumbria, all the hard-working dogs we had ate only flaked maize and fishmeal soaked in hot water. Honestly, you have never seen such healthy dogs. We love our collies and only give them what keeps them in excellent fettle.
They have such robust digestive systems, far better than our own. I wonder if skin complaints could be environmental pollution, be that generally or in the home?
May every dog be content and healthy.
Hip, hip,woof woof.