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25-Feb-07, 15:02
does anyone have a good recipe for chocolate brownies ? :D

11-Mar-07, 13:24
1 cup/250ml butter or marg
2 cups/500ml granulated sugar
1/2 cup/125ml cocoa
4 eggs
1tsp/5ml vanilla
11/2 cups/375ml flour

melt the butter. add the sugar and cocoa. beat in the eggs and vanilla.#mix in the flour until just combined. pour into an ungreased 9x13 inch tray.
bake at 350f/180c/gas 4 for 15-18 mins - do not OVERBAKE! cool slightly, then cut into squares.

these are chewy and yummy. they're great served warm with ice cream on top.

11-Mar-07, 14:15
sounds delish, denise - thanks for posting your recipe :D

17-Mar-07, 14:06
thanks denise sounds great :D

17-Mar-07, 15:55
Tried this recipe out, quick and easy and I topped them with choc fudge icing. Yum!! Would also be good if you added choc chunks or nuts to the mixture.

18-Mar-07, 16:50
i tired the recipe and it was great :D

19-Mar-07, 19:10
Hi Denise, i tried your recipe too and it was indeed YUMMY! Went down well with all the family. Yummmm

21-Mar-07, 20:01
The brownies are just out the oven. Got brownie mix all down my beige top 'cause my mother decided to splash it everywhere lol.

Deciding which icing to use. I think I might just go for a straight forward chocolate one.