View Full Version : Eight months for spit and knife threat

21-Feb-14, 17:47
Mend your ways or you will find yourself in an out of custody for years warns Wick sheriff

A TEENAGER, who spat at one policeman and threatened to put a knife to the neck of another officer, has been sentenced to eight months detention.
Dominic Long was told by Sheriff Andrew Berry at Wick today:"You seem to be one of a small group of people who throw away every opportunity of help given to you."
The 18-year-old admitted charges of assault and threatening or abusive behaviour and a separate charge of housebreaking.
The trouble began when police had occasion to speak to him in Provost Sinclair Road, Thurso in the early hours of February 1. Long who had been drinking, resented the officers' presence, became agitated and spat in Constable Christopher Mackenzie's face.
He caused a disturbance later at the charge bar at Wick police station by shouting and swearing and making the knife threat to Constable James Swan.
Long broke into a house in Brownhill Road, Thurso, on February 13, last year and he pleaded guilty to stealing two pc monitors and a couple of laptops.
Solicitor Neil Wilson described as "dispiriting" the fact that Long, of 7 Ormlie Crescent, Thurso, had spent the last two years in and out of custody.
Sheriff Berry said that had Long been facing the housebreaking only, then a community-based disposal might have been possible as there had been some positive signs concerning the accused's behaviour.
However, the sheriff continued: "But then you behave in an outrageous manner towards the police."
The sheriff order that long will be under supervision for two years in relation to the housebreaking charge after he is released and added: "It is to be hoped for the general public, the police and others in public service that you will find yourself able to mend your ways otherwise you are going to find yourself in and out of custody in the years to come."