View Full Version : Man joins partner on remand

20-Feb-14, 09:13
Sheriff rejects bail plea from accused's solicitor
A MAN, who took a court by surprise when he raced from the public benches, towards his partner, in the dock after she was remanded, and gave her a sympathetic kiss, has followed her to jail.
Craig McBeath appeared on a charge of vandalism at Wick Sheriff Court, yesterday and was also remanded.
He made his show of support, on Monday after his partner, Emma Macdonald, 29, was about to be led away after being refused bail by Sheriff Andrew Berry who said he wasn’t confident that she wouldn’t cause further harm. Macdonald had admitted punching a woman at the Silver Darlings Bar in Wick, on Sunday and had been admonished on unrelated charges of abusive conduct and resisting arrest, a few days earlier.
McBeath, who was present in the public benches, raced down the steps and cupping his partner’s face in his hands, planted a kiss on her.
Immediately, Sheriff Berry ordered him to be removed to the cells by the court duty police officer. The accused was recalled at the end of business and, following an apology tendered by a solicitor, the sheriff decided to take no action. The sheriff warned him, however, that he could have been held in contempt and that there would be “consequences” if he was ever to interrupt the business of the court again.
McBeath, 28, yesterday admitted forcing open the boot of a car parked behind the Breadalbane House Hotel, in Wick and smashing one of its windows after drinking.David Barclay prosecuting said: “He appeared to have been taking out some of the frustrations in his life on the vehicle.”
Solicitor Fiona MacDonald made a plea for bail, arguing that McBeath’s partner - they both live at 47 Kinnaird Street, Wick -had been remanded earlier in the week and it would allow him to look after a child at present being cared for by relatives.
However, Sheriff Berry, who observed that McBeath was currently subject to two bail orders and a deferred sentence, said he couldn’t be sure the accused would not commit further offences.
Both accused will reappear for sentence next month when the sheriff will consider background reports.