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19-Feb-14, 14:26
I have a 7 month old spaniel she is a cross breed. A loving dog and i love her very much. However i am having numerous problems with her, destroying my house, wont take to toilet training at all. I feel its probably myself as i have 3 children and she is needing more 1 on 1 with me but its physically imposable. I have a 6 year old GR and have no problems with her.

Now as my husband has had enough and has decided he wants her re-homed, but i due to the fact that i do love her am not keen but lately im thinking maybe it would be best for her? She is brilliant with other dogs apart from sometimes being a bit too jumpy and can be off putting to others, same with smaller children.

I am aware that there is no quick fix with her to fix these behaviours, and if i do go down the rehoming path where should i go to ensure she does get the home she deserves as obviously i dont want her to become one of these poor dogs that go from family to family, she needs a stable environment with someone willing to put the time and energy to training her

Please though i do not want anyone judging me for this, i am a big hater of people who do what i am thinking of doing and its breaking my heart but i just am stuck now, between my husband cracking up and feeling that i am letting her down. So Helpful advice only please.

19-Feb-14, 16:35
Your best bet locally would be to speak to KWK9 - http://www.kwk9.org/index.asp - otherwise you could try Springer Rescue Scotland: http://springerrescuescotland.org/ if she's part-Springer.

19-Feb-14, 16:51
There is a nurse at the vets in Thurso who does behaviour consults. Might be worth having a word with her?

19-Feb-14, 18:44

Does she get out walks? We had a similar problem with our dog until he started getting regular walks. Also is a cage an option if you are out?

19-Feb-14, 18:54
hiya we have a 3yr old spaniel cross what we did was stick him out every hour and then following week did 2hrs didnt take long for him to learn and when we went out we left chew bones for him to play with did have few things like camera fones chewed but smacked his nose and told him he was bad hope this kinda helps they are such good dogs when they want wont part with him now.ps this was my sons dog but he met a girl and moved out and of course didnt take the dog but glad he didnt he is also great with kids just keep trying and if not phone ann begg at kwk9 she is really nice and am sure she would help you.could i ask where u got ur puppy from

19-Feb-14, 20:37
Hi try getting a crate for her they feel safe and secure in them plus wont go toilet in them as there bed. take her for walks lots of fuss or a treat when goes loo. if you got kids walk her to school with them and take her to bring them home again that way not taking any extra time. if you have to drive to school put her cage in boot put her in it and walk after dropping kids off. Cage is only 50 from Pets at Home. KWK9 are your best bet if you do decide to rehome they will vet potential owners

20-Feb-14, 00:42
She has a crate but has also destroyed it although never left long periods of time, I had to put her in at bed time as she started eating my kitchen table when we were in bed at night, she is walked but obv not enough for her liking as it had come to the point it is never ending. I contacted spaniel rescue and have been helped a lot by a lady there who is coming to see us on Sunday to help. Thank you all so much for the advise it came to the point where I am in tears all the time because I do love her so much but I think I'm a bad home for her breed or maybe her in particular she needs someone with less children and more time. We shall see where we go from Sunday but whatever happens she will always be loved and cared for which is all I want. And I got her from Thurso. Thanks again

20-Feb-14, 00:43
Big thank you lady at springer rescue is so lovely an has set my mind at ease. Thank you so much for the help.

20-Feb-14, 00:51
I take it the usual of going out after eating has been done to death ...but have you tried saying go for a pee/poop etc and rewarding straight away? then you have a dog that will go on command which helps on other behaviour issues...plus kong toys filled with treats may overcome her distress at being abandoned for times as it may distract her..enough to go longer and longer times between times without distress!

20-Feb-14, 02:22
Yes she has a kong, has numerous other toys too that are ripped apart n shredded within an hour of giving them to her. Also all the usual, treats when peeing pooping outside, putting her outside at regular intervals. Nothing works. I'm gutted I love her so much but she really needs someone with a lot of experience. She has eaten 3 beds, wrecked the cage, eaten goodness knows how many if my children's toys, shoes, my kitchen table, my kitchen chairs as well as lots more. I don't work my husband does if she is ever left totally alone it's no more than 2/3 hours at a time once a week or fortnight, even if I'm home she sneaks off n does things. I have tried so hard to train her my other dog is perfect or has been but last day or so has done toilet in the house too so think she now thinks ill just do it too!

02-Mar-14, 14:41
This sound's like it is lack of exercise, a dog of that breeding needs lots of exercise, if you cant manage that then the best thing would be to re-home her.