View Full Version : window 7 imposters

19-Feb-14, 00:14
There are some guys phoning around at the moment clamming 2 be from Microsoft
If you receive a phone call like this please don't give them any cash they are clamming
To work for the company but they are asking very personal questions before saying you
Computer broken and needs reperd they acctuly hackers and hack your computer
2 make it look like it has problems please don't give them cash as you get conned
This is just 2 let everyone know people on the phone anrt really who they clam 2 be

19-Feb-14, 01:03
My Mum got one the other day! She asked them what a computer is?

I've answered the phone and when I realise its a sales/scam call I start talking my pigeon gaelic! They soon hand up!

19-Feb-14, 10:17
I get these phone calls as well and they seem to come in spates - sometimes four a day and then nothing.
They say (usually in an Indian accent) their name (which they sometimes can't pronounce!) and that they are calling from Microsoft or Windows and state you have a dangerous virus on your computer or something similar.
Best advice - HANG UP!
NEVER give your computer details to them.

19-Feb-14, 13:56
I have had a few of these as well. I have a laugh by keeping them on the phone for as long as possible giving completely bogus answers.
You are right they say you have a virus or some other such and is you pc switched on.
i said yes and then they ask me to do certain things key presses etc...They assume you use windows and havent a clue about computers...
When they dont get the results they expect they start asking what is on the screen.?
After I told them it says "sinclair spectrum" there was a pause then they hung up...

I must have kept him going for 20 mins

Well if you have the time and keep your cool you can have fun with loads of others...i.e an electric company trying to sell me gas.. The guy got really upset after 15 minutes when he relised i didnt have a gas connection.

21-Feb-14, 16:02
wizzbang has the right idea. Had a similar call recently. Went along with the call and they asked me to press certain keys and tell them what the pc screen said. I told them it read 'this is a scam; please call the police'. Funnily enough the person hung up on me.