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25-Feb-07, 00:23
Recently I have had to hold down the button on my computer to get it to close down after having waited for over half an hour for it to close, having followed the correct procedure. what could I do to rectify this problem ?

25-Feb-07, 05:13
Hi Scaraben,

When the settings malfunction, there a few of things you can check assuming you use a Windows system.
I am familiar specifically with Windows 95 and 98, and generally with the others up to the XP edition. All Windows have a built-in scan disk which should run after manually shutting down the computer, and rebooting.

Settings can be changed by static electricity, especially if the computer is left on a lot, and moreso during electrical storms.
During a storm, shut down computer.
Use a plastic foot mat while using the computer.

Basic computer operations such as shutting down can be affected by too little RAM, the operating memory.
Is your RAM at least 512 MB? Today, that is the basic standard.
When shutting down, do you close all active programs beforehand?
This frees up some RAM.

Do you use an updated anti-virus program?
Do you check your computer with a spyware detection program?
Spyware, secret and often well-hidden commercials coding can affect all sorts of operations. (There are some good free programs online that detect and remove spyware)

Also virsues or trojans can affect basic operations.

If the problem persists, some of the shut-down settings may be permanently changed. (This has been common in many computers).

One of the ultimate solutinos is to delete your Windows program and download it again. This should solve the problem.
For one who is not too at ease with reloading programs, this should be done by a computer technician.

* There are some computer systems that have defects with shutting down.
If you computer is a recent model and under warranty, I would ask for a replacement tower at no cost.

25-Feb-07, 20:52
The main problem is that Windows waits to shutdown all programs before switching off - if there is a defective program it may not be capable of shutting down. You could press F10 and restore to a know position if your own a XP machine. Alternatively you could press control-alt-del simultaneously to open windows task manager this will show you applications running and any which are not responding. By closing each program and trying to shutdown you could eliminate the rogue piece of software. then restore that program

26-Feb-07, 15:09
Thank you both for your advice, kind of you to be helpful. Unfortunately Praetorian your possible solutions did not work, tried F10 & Ctrl Alt & delete made no impression the screen remained defiantly as it was. As for your advice Cliffhbuber you asked me a lot of tech. questions which I'm not able to understand ( I'm 76....so perhaps youu'll make allowances !! )

26-Feb-07, 15:18
Hi Scaraben,

We're not going to let you use your age, a young 76, as an excuse! :)

However, please ask if further glitches pop up. Be glad to offer suggestions, some of which may even be of intelligible English. :)

the best

26-Feb-07, 18:37
Could be a hardware problem where the CPU is overheating. A good hoover sometimes helps especially if the PC is somewhere their is dust. P.S 76 is a youngster in computing terms I once taught a computing class that had a 91yr old lady and two 85yr old gents who were miles ahead of anyone else because they had so much time on their hands:lol:

A possible help:

27-Feb-07, 11:20
Does it help to understand my problem switching off any better when I tell you that it is now showing " Disc Boot failure" on a black screen when I try to switch ON !! ........... I of course just shut it down and reboot and it usually comes on OK then. dearie me !!!!!!!!!!

27-Feb-07, 19:00
The "Disk Boot Failure" message typically occurs when the operating system is trying to load into memory but cannot, because either the required system files are missing, or the hard disk that contained them isn't recognized. This suggests that probably your hard drive is on the way out. How old is your machine?

27-Feb-07, 22:29
I guess 3 to 3 1/2 years .

28-Feb-07, 17:53

try this it may help

01-Mar-07, 00:06
After much thought tonight, I placed an order for a Dell Dimension E520 with the new Vista op. programme. Hope I've done the right thing and don't find out later that this one could be sorted no trouble !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-Mar-07, 16:25
This may be obvious, but 'disk boot failure' can come on at start up when there is a corrupt or even a good floppy disk stuck in the A drive. :confused

Your bios settings may be set to read from a cd drive first before the A drive for a boot up. It is so long since I've used pre 2000 operating systems that I could well be completely off the mark here!:o

01-Mar-07, 18:01
After much thought tonight, I placed an order for a Dell Dimension E520 with the new Vista op. programme. Hope I've done the right thing and don't find out later that this one could be sorted no trouble !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps it could have been fixed perhaps it meant buying a new hard-drive etc, However, in reality firms replace machines every 5 years because that is the perceived life of a machine whether or not you agree with them. Constantly hard reseting the machine ie pressing the power off damages components thus reducing the life of the PC so damage was being done.

Enjoy Vista and the speed of the new machine.

01-Mar-07, 20:07
Thank you very much indeed for all who have tried to give me some guidance I do appreciate it.