View Full Version : Woman back in court on new assault charge

18-Feb-14, 13:07
Remanded by the sheriff concerned she might cause further harm if released

A WOMAN, who scorned a chance a sheriff gave her, has been remanded in custody ahead of sentence on a fresh offence.
Emma Macdonald was admonished on February 7, after Sheriff Andrew Berry took the view there were exceptional circumstances for her conduct which involved threatening or abusive behaviour and resisting the police, in a Wick street.
However, Macdonald reappeared three days later charged with fighting with Leanne Gammie in the town's Bridge Street, the previous Friday. Both pleaded not guilty to that allegation.
Macdonald, 29, was back in court again, yesterday, when she admitted a charge of assault, while on bail when she reappeared, from custody.
It was stated that she punched Lisa Macbeath, once, at the Silver Darlings, part of the Waterfront nightclub complex, on Sunday, causing her nose to bleed. The incident followed some verbal exchanges between the pair.
David Barclay, prosecuting, told the court that it was not clear what had passed between them or whether there was any history. Macdonald told police that she didnt recall the assault but she was sorry for what had happened.
The accused is currently subject to a deferred sentence and had been released on bail on February 10 after denying the fighting charge.
Requesting bail, yesterday, solicitor Fiona MacDonald said that Macdonald would abide by a curfew and a pub ban.
Rejecting the request, Sheriff Andrew Berry told the accused that her recurring appearances in court were becoming "very worrying" and added: "In the public interest and in particular, my concern that you might cause further harm and possibly very serious harm, you will be remanded in custody."
At that point, the accused's partner Craig Macbeath suddenly raced from the public benches, into the well of the court, turned to the dock and holding her face between his hands, kissed her. Sheriff Berry immediately instructed the court's duty police officer to take Mr Macbeath to the cells.
He was brought back to court, later, and tendered an apology tendered through a solicitor. It was accepted by Sheriff Berry who made a point of commenting that he would have been entitled for hold Mr Macbeath in contempt of court.
The sheriff warned that such disruption to court proceedings would not be tolerated in the future.
Emma Macdonald, of Kinnaird Street, Wick, will reappear in court for sentence on March 4 after the sheriff considers a background report.