View Full Version : Can you give this cat a home

14-Feb-14, 19:43
This lovely tortie girl is a stray who has been coming to us for long while to be fed.

We hadn't seen her for a while and when she did appear she was really poorly. It turned out she was dehydrated and think she may have been shut in somewhere.
Sadly, we couldn't keep her as our 17 year old cat gets stressed when newcomers appear and this results in her skin breaking out. :(

A lovely couple took her to nurse her back to health but they can't keep her anymore so is now staying in our neighbour's garage until the weather improves.

She is timid but, once she gains your trust, she is really friendly and purrs away.

She has been spayed and is litter trained. In fact she is very clean indeed.

If you can give this girl the chance of a loving home then please pm me. A country home would be preferable as this is what she is used to.

http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii274/Lizzybif/straycat001_zps3b2b2752.jpg (http://s266.photobucket.com/user/Lizzybif/media/straycat001_zps3b2b2752.jpg.html)

She looks spooked in the photo as she was a bit upset at having been moved. :(

17-Feb-14, 20:17
Well it turns out that this cat isn't the one who has been coming to us for over a year as she is still coming for food whilst this one is in our neighbour's garage!

So need to find out whether she has an owner?