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Cedric Farthsbottom III
23-Feb-07, 00:20
I have spoken to a friend of mine
A lurker he may be at hearts
Who has released a secret out to me
Like me he likes his farts

He said,"Yer doin to many ditties
Yer poems start too many threads
Yer confusing folk wi too many ditties
That ye drive them off to their beds"

So he gave me a wee bit of advice
"To articulate a lot of poems causes strife
So stop the threads and give us a break
In one thread you can give your life"

23-Feb-07, 01:33
Edric my friend, my buddy, my pal
Lurkers have voice more than their share.
Keep your good humour, your spirit, your spunk
Seven green boxes means people do care.

(G2 is going to fail me on the meter, but you get the point I hope.)

Cedric Farthsbottom III
23-Feb-07, 02:51
I looked into a kaleidoscopes eye
For free it was all to see
Cos what ye saw in that kaleidoscopes eye
Was different for you and me

For I have books full of words and wisdom
LanvederBlue ye know what I'm about
It was a way for me in ma childhood woes
To learn how to scream and shout

So pardon me if I use this thread
To put all my ditties down
For I can use this thread for the serious thing
But also to be the playful clown

I might not use a proper phrase
I cannae be bothered wi meters they make me sinkie
For I love the poems of Lizz and Sporran
And the bard they call the trinkie

So sonnets and haiku's they have their genre
But I think I'll stick to ditties
Cos I read the Sun and look at page Three
And admire the models CENSORED

Dedicated to ma Canadian pal Canuck

23-Feb-07, 09:23
I too have a secret
Though Lurker I'm not.
Your friend and adviser
Has said quite a lot !
Does he speak for us all
With advice freely given?
Not for me I assure you
For oft I have striven
To speak from my heart
As you aptly do
But it ends up all wrong
And appears quite untrue!
Dear Cedric Farthsbottom
You sure have the Art
So carry on writing
You're top of my Chart.
Be kind to your friend
Who lurks there among us
Can it be - I wonder
Is he really that jealous ??

So, Lurking Friend why dont you try, to write a wee poem that would make us all cry, none here are experts, on that you agree, so give it a go and you will see, it's not that easy to speak your mind, but folk here are trying, so please do be kind, for if you can better us, then we'll all be so pleased, and from your Lurking you will be released .

23-Feb-07, 17:27
Cedric Fartsbottom my heart you touched
with your ditty about your dad.
Don’t worry about that old Lurker you know
He’s nothing more than a CAD

I was watching you with my coffee today,
as your trolley’s you gathered all in
You left everyone with a smile on their face,
With your quips and your cheery old grin.

As much as I am a fan of verse I'm hopeless at writing it but I simply had to try in response to 'I looked into a kaleidoscopes eye'. Fancy me getting mentioned in your poem, I was fair touched. Keep writing Cedric and to quote Trinkie,
Can it be - I wonder
Is he really that jealous ??

25-Feb-07, 02:04
Cedric sat himsel upon 'e chair e poem fer to write.
He chewed hies pen throughout 'e night!
Now did he dare to say jist whit he thort?
Or would the PROPER folk gie fraught?
He pondered long an' then he writ.
He showed hies natural native whit.
Fer poems is whit folk do think to say
An' it should be no other way!

My excuses fer me terruble dialect!

25-Feb-07, 11:55
Dear Liz, Yur dialect is terrible indeed
It's got me wonderin' and scratchin' ma heed
Where dis it come from I have tae ask?
I'm good on accents, but now what a task
You've given me this fine bright morn
Oh where can it be, I'm quite forlorn.

But good for ye till hev a go.
Until ye try ye'll never know
Just what's yur worth as has been said
By Cedric - whose poems ye've read
He shows us all there is in art
If all ye do comes from the heart !!

More please ?

25-Feb-07, 13:38
Oh Cedric dear
Please do not fear
To post another ditty
You bring much cheer
To us all here
Your poems are so PRETTY :D

Take up your pen
And post again
We really cannot wait
We must hear more
We you implore
Please don't leave it too late!

Cedric Farthsbottom III
27-Feb-07, 17:51
The shows had come to toon in June
The sounds,the colours,the smells
Its nightime now and aw bodys here
After the day on the shore pickin shells

A wee Glasgae chill the same age as me
Wis diggin into mint ice-cream wi a spoon
In his ither hand for all to see
Was the biggest blue balloon

But the cold o' the ice-cream hit his heid
As his hand pondered straight to his brow
But the force as the slap eased his pain
And the wind took his balloon and how

Fluttering along the harbour skyline
Like a large big Zeppelin fae yore
Swept up in such forcefullness
Over the fair and to the shore

And four wee Ayrshire guys who'd spent aw their pennies
Like the A-team were off in a flash
To rescue this big balloon
Withoot the black van were off to dash

I was B.A.......don't mess wi ma jewellery
Wee Lin was Face Man so pretty
Glynn was Hannibal the leader
While Steve being Murdoch was so witty

The four were flying without a gun in hand
The blue balloon was soon in our sights
We jumped and ran and skipped and danced
To fulfill oor mission wi aw oor mights

The balloon was caught and to the shows we went
The wee Glasgae chill was amused
Cos how could four wee boys catch his balloon
His faither looked very confused

His dad offered a pound for oor services
But Glynn shook his heid wi such asteem
Glynn just said"If ye hav a problem and naebody can help
If ye can find us....just caw on us The A-Team"