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06-Feb-14, 08:52
Intruder experience "disturbing" and "worrying" - sheriff
THE local sheriff court heard yesterday that there appeared to be no clear explanation for a man turning up in a off-duty policeman's house late one night with his trousers down at his ankles.
After being discovered by Constable David Souter, Steven Murray assaulted him.
The strange episode emerged at Wick Sheriff Court yesterday when Golspie man Murray admitted the assault.
Murray, 28, was discovered in the porch of Constable Souter's house, in Thurso, about 11.30pm on October 19, last year.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that the joiner, who was under the influence of drink, was not known to the officer and stressed that there was no "sinister" connection to the fact that it was the home of a policeman.
The senior fiscal depute continued: "No-one is quite sure why Murray went to that house."
As Murray was being escorted from the house, he lashed out at PC Souter punched him, scratched him on his left forearm and struck him on his face. In addition to the forearm scratch, the officer also sustained bruising to his forehead and above his right eye.
Mr Barclay said that when fellow officers arrived on the scene, Murray told them "I have been a tit." When cautioned and charge later, he replied that he had no memory of the incident.
Solicitor Neil Wilson said that Murray, of Dunvarich, Main Street, Golspie, had been "extremely drunk". He had stayed in the neighbourhood, previously - though not at the policeman's address - while working and possibly may have been trying to find that house.
Mr Wilson said that the accused worked hard during the week and drank at weekends "perhaps more than is good for him." He had since cut down on his consumption..
Sheriff Andrew Berry said: "Finding a stranger in your home, irrespective of the fact he was a policeman, is very serious and very worrying and disturbing indeed."
The sheriff observed that Murray had "a whole series of offences" on his record and warned him that all options would be open to him when he returned to court.
The case was continued to March 7 for a background report.