View Full Version : When will we get BT Infinity

03-Feb-14, 09:24
Does anyone have any idea when BT will be installing BT Infinity in Caithness?

03-Feb-14, 10:26
just after the resurrection and maiden flight of mama pig

03-Feb-14, 10:45
I will say I've just changed from sky to BT and seen an improvement but still nothing compared to down south unfortunately

Big Gaz
03-Feb-14, 12:35
Well i must say i'm absolutley gobsmacked that the planned (since around hmm, umm, umpteen years ago) 21CN WBC upgrade HAS actually happened according to


Maybe now Wick will get on the map with a reasonable internet service

As for infinity, you will be fobbed off with up to 16mb whereas parts of the UK have up to 80mb service as standard. To get a "proper" infinity service requires fibre to be installed at least up to your local cabinet which to the best of my recent info received hasn't occured in all cabinets in Wick yet. Copper cable from there to your house is the norm but getting a fibre cable from there to your house is the last (and most expensive) part of giving an exceptional broadband system with somewhere around the 80mb download speed. Not gonna happen anytime soon but keep an eye on the samknows website for future updates

Colin Manson
03-Feb-14, 12:57
Hi Gaz,

Just a small correction :

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is a pure fibre connection from your home to the exchange. FTTP can deliver download speeds of up to 300Mbit/s.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) provides a fibre path between the cabinet near you and the exchange. The final leg uses the existing copper network between your home and the cabinet. This will still deliver much faster speeds than are available over standard broadband, offering download speeds of up to 80Mbit/s and upload speeds of up to 20Mbit/s.

And BT date for the upgrade is, Forecast date: Calendar Year 2015


Big Gaz
03-Feb-14, 13:37
aye Colin, ta for the correction, i always thought FTTP was from the cabinet to the house, not the exchange :D i'll get it right sometime soon....unlike BT.

03-Feb-14, 14:32
You also need to clear your inbox gaz