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21-Feb-07, 18:54
You Can Make It .
Saranac Lake, New York, 1995.

Look at the horizon, tell me, how far can you see?
And how far would you journey if you knew that you were free?
As far as you can see is as far as you can go.
Be careful not to set your sights too low.

What do you imagine when you wish upon a star?
Your dreams can all come true, but you must first know what they are.
The dream becomes a goal and a thing to be achieved,
So never cease to dream and to believe.

What would you accomplish if you only thought you could?
When fear of failure strikes you, and you wonder if you should,
Remember that the only permission that you need
Is your determination to succeed.

Nothing worth achieving ever happens overnight,
And you must persevere if you expect to get it right.
The longest walk commences with one step at a time,
And Life will always be an uphill climb.

Into this world we're born, and throughout our lives we grow.
We come here owning nothing, and take nothing when we go.
The things of lasting value are the things we leave behind,
Our legacy, our gift to all makind.

21-Feb-07, 20:28
Thanks for posting that wonderful poem by Richard Hayes Phillips, trinkie! :)

I have been to the Saranac Lake area before. That whole Adirondack region of Upstate New York is beautiful! :cool: