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25-Jan-14, 09:31
Kneed constable after New Year drinks
Leigh McEwan got her New Year off to the worst possible start.
She lashed out at a car in the Wick street where she lives, causing 300 worth of damage and attacked a policeman who intervened.
McEwan, 30, described as “very much under the influence of drink”, kneed Constable Lee Milner twice in the groin and bit him on the right forearm drawing blood. The wound required medical attention and he needed precautionary injections, Wick Sheriff Court was told yesterday.
McEwan, of 51 Murchison Street, Wick, admitted the New Year's Day assault and vandalism and had her sentence deferred for six months to give her a chance to demonstrate she can behave.
It was stated that she was seen to be acting “in an odd manner” and “somewhat disorientated” and it wasn’t obvious where she was heading. Then McEwan was observed attacking the Vauxhall Safira which was parked in the street.
Solicitor Neil Wilson said that the accused was “thoroughly ashamed” of her actions. She had underlying difficulties and was addressing them on her own.
Sheriff Andrew Berry, who saw a background report, described the assault as “a serious matter” and added that the police were entitled to be treated with respect.

Man grabbed wheel from wife

A MAN grabbed the wheel of a car being driven by his wife with whom he was having a heated argument. The vehicle swerved and Mark Kine, 49, pulled on the handbrake, bringing it to a halt.
The trouble began earlier when the couple were on a night out in Thurso, on December 20. Kine, 49, who had been drinking, argued with his wife in Thurso town centre.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that things escalated on the way home to Tigh Na Muir in the rural hamlet of Dunnet.
The senior fiscal depute said that as matters became more heated, Kine got so aggressive towards his wife that, at one point, she was going to stop the car and get away from him.
Mr Barclay continued that the accused grabbed the wheel and when the car swerved, he applied the handbrake “causing the vehicle to skid to a halt”. He added: “Fortunately there wasn’t a collision.”
Mrs Kine was observed later to be “in a distressed state” and had moved out of the family home but was happy for the accused, presently staying in rented accommodation, to move back in and had no objection to him contacting her.
The accused Kine admitted threatening or abusive behaviour, and culpable and reckless conduct in the car.
Sheriff Berry called for a background report which will be submitted to the court on February 21.

Careless driver

AN elderly driver was fined 200 for careless driving.
William Manson, of 3 Skaill, Thurso, pulled out of the Achreamie-Skaill junction on November 18 last year, into the path of an oncoming vehicle, resulting in a collision.
In addition to the fine, the seventy-five-year-old, who pleaded guilty, incurred three penalty points.

Fined and banned for drinks-driving

A self-employed plant operator was fined 400 and banned for a year after he admitted driving with excess alcohol.
John Jackson, 30, admitted the offence which occurred at Portskerra, North Sutherland, on September 14, last year. Tests revealed a blood-alcohol level of 118 milligrams - the limit is 89 mlgs
Jackson, of 35, Tinmans Green, Redbrook, Monmouthshire, had driven his works pick-up to a local pub and was later caught by police, parking it.