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26-Mar-05, 11:00
Can anyone recommend any good hairdressers in Wick - especially hairdressers that come to your house?

I work long hours, and can't always fit in with the local hairdressers, so have to go ages without a hair appointment.

I am also getting married soon, so will need a hair appointment before the dance, which is on a different night. It would be easier if it was in my home, as it will be quite hectic by then!

04-May-05, 04:38
The best cutter in Wick was Coralee, who ran a business in Back Bridge Street, Wick...sadly I gather she gave up her business.

This is a pity as she not only did an excellent job on women's hair, she did an excellent job on men's too.

Perhaps she is still doing hair from a private business... :D