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08-Sep-02, 22:01
Do you have a hand held gps unit? Do you use it regularily for hill walking, fishing,boating etc. Or are you wondering why you bought one to have it sitting gathering dust in a cupboard. Why not try this game/treasure hunt and breathe a new lease of life into your gps.

Check out www.geocaching.com

Pretty much anywhere in the world there could be a cache hidden nearby and with your gps and a bit of searching you could be part of a worldwide game. It can be lots of fun finding places that you never would of known about if you had not looked. Most caches consist of a tupperware box with a logbook and a selection of trinkets and toys. You then post your finds on the internet to show that you have found the cache. Most people take something from the box and replace it with something else of equal or greater value that way the cache has a continously changing contents. Some items called travel bugs have been known to navigate the globe.

If you look at this link you can see that there a lot of caches in this country but not very many up in this part of the world So I am doing my bit to try to promote the sport in the North of Scotland


Happy Hunting

09-Jan-03, 19:36

Take a look at the map now. A few more caches are starting to apear in caithness! But not many active cachers come on all you gps users why not give it a go. We need people to go out and find these secret treasures as well as hide them.