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21-Jan-14, 20:31
Accused's driving fell well below standard expected of a careful driver says sheriff

A WICK shop assistant was clocked travelling at 116 mph on a main road leading into the town, the local sheriff court heard today.
It was dark when Rehan Amin sped homewards from Inverness, on the A99 along the half-mile straight at Hempriggs, on April 19. He was stopped by police operating a laser gun from the entrance to one of the farm roads.
Amin 25, denied driving dangerously at 116 mph in a 60mph restriction but was found guilty after a trial. He was fined 400 and banned from driving for a year.
Constable Kate Park told the court that it was just before 9pm when she saw the Vauxhall Astra approaching travelling “extremely fast” and recorded his speed at 116mph. Both PC Park and her colleague, Constable Neil Robinson, from the Road Policing Unit at Dingwall, testified that the laser gun was operating normally. They had carried out the usual checks on it before embarking on their speed detection drive.
Solicitor Kieran Dean suggested to Constable Robinson that the Amin’s speed had been between 80 and 90mph. The officer replied that the accused might have been travelling at such speed prior to approaching them but it was recorded at 116 when it was clocked.
Giving evidence, Amin, of Gunn’s Terrace, Wick, admitted he was travelling at 90mph prior to seeing the police and didn’t realise he was travelling at that speed until he looked at his speedometer. He saw the police then and braked hard to 50mph.
Cross examined by David Barclay, prosecuting, the accused denied he had been in a hurry to get home and said there was “no chance” he had been travelling at 116mph. Amin also reject a suggestion that he had been driving at that speed to “show off” to his brother, a passenger.
Sentencing Amin, Sheriff Andrew Berry said he accepted the evidence of the police officers and was satisfied that the laser had been working normally and correctly recorded the speed of 116mph, almost twice the permitted speed, considerably more that the standard expected from a careful and competent driver.
In addition to the fine and disqualification, Amin, who works in his father’s grocery business, will require to pass an extended driving test.

Reacted badly after being refused more drink

DRUNKEN Alexander Clark didn't take kindly to having his tap stopped at a Thurso bar.
He registered his displeasure by threatening to kill the two barmen and threw a bottle and a stool at the bar.
Clark, 53, admitted threatening or abusive behaviour and a record. He was ordered to carry out 100 hours unpaid community service.
The court was told that Clark, of 8 Strathy House, Thurso, had been drinking in the Newmarket Bar from the afternoon of August 30, up until the incident in the early evening and it reached the stage where he was refused more drink. Clark "reacted badly" to the decision.
Sheriff Andrew Berry told the accused, who was said to have no recollection of the incident, that he had been persuaded, only just, not to send him to prison and added that because the accused was in full-time employment as a supervisor, an alternative sentence was possible.

Car loan led to crash and charges

Douglas Metcalfe ran into trouble after being given permission to take a friend's car for a spin.
The vehicle crashed into a wall, the court was told today. The road was not a private route as Metcalfe believed and he ended up being charged with driving without licence and insurance as well as a count of careless driving.
Metcalfe, 18, admitted the offences and was ordered to carry out 60 hours unpaid community work. He was also banned from driving for 18 weeks.
It was stated that the accident happened as he was driving along a road near Thurso East, on July 20th, last year. Metcalfe, a barman, of 15 Thorkel Road, Thurso, was at a party at a house nearby when he was given "a shot" of the car. The damage to it cost 1795 to repair.
Sheriff Berry commented it was clear the accused had not been competent to drive the vehicle and warned him not to reappear on a road traffic offence.