View Full Version : Bass Guitar...... Learn Me!

20-Feb-07, 17:08
Good day folks, probably should have made my first post a bit more interesting but I just thought i'd get on with things [smirk]

Anyone know any professional bass tutors or anyone willing to give up their time to teach me how to play bass? I've played a bit before to a pretty poor level because i've had to teach myself.... and considering I don't know much it was a pretty up-hill struggle.

Any help would be most welcome.

Thankies to anyone who can help!

22-Feb-07, 22:48
Somebody who seems to have plenty time on his hands (he plays consoles all day) is Reev. Look him up on the org, PM him and he'll reply.

Or you could try chobbersjnr, hes fair nifty on the bass too.

24-Feb-07, 15:57
If I was still in Thurso I would help you out, but I'm not. I can probably recommend the best online link for bass players ever though, you should bookmark it and use it a lot, as well as having a huge resource of lessons and tabs it also has a metronome and tuner on the website.


Enjoy and good luck! ;)