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14-Jan-14, 13:04
Hi there

i was wondering if anyone could help, im looking to order something from IKEA and wondering if anyone knows of any companies that pick up and deliver this far north??

any info will be much appreciated.

thanks in advance

14-Jan-14, 20:26
Ikea now deliver. They charge 10 for a picking service. You just e-mail in your order to the Edinburgh store. It's a set fee, so make the most of it! Hope this helps.

14-Jan-14, 21:44
Thank you! 😄 I've checked and they deliver to kw14 on a Thursday but not accepting my postcode! 😠 Will need to fone tomorrow! Thanks again

15-Jan-14, 01:06
MacKenzie's do regular collections from IKEA in Edinburgh and glasgow

15-Jan-14, 13:11

For IKEA Deliveries to the North.

Hope it helps

18-Jan-14, 23:39
Mackenzie's insure there loads also Not like some other White Van men who call themselves Removers in Caithness.With Mackenzie's the price you get quoted is what you pay as again there White van men will quote u a great price but there is always extras added or you goods are damaged on arrival

21-Jan-14, 11:37
McAdie & Reeve do pick ups from ikea. I have used them.