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14-Jan-14, 11:23
Offender is walking sentencing tightrope

A MAN with an extensive record narrowly escaped a prison sentence at Wick yesterday.
Jason Crompton, 39, was ordered to carry out 225 hours unpaid community service for his part in a fight with 40-year-old Ross Mackinnon.
Both admitted threatening or abusive behaviour, on indictment. Sheriff Andrew Berry heard that there was a doorstep confrontation after Mackinnon, of Battery Road, Wick, arrived at Crompton's home in Bremner's Walk, in the town, on January 24, last year.
Solicitor Ken Ferguson for Crompton, said that every time his client came into court, he was “walking a tightrope” so far the sentence was concerned, given his extensive record.
Sheriff Berry stressed that charges brought on indictment were serious and frequently attracted custodial sentences. He told Crompton whom he said had a long history of offending, that he had come “very close” to starting a prison sentence.
Mackinnon, who admitted a less serious record, was ordered to carry out 150, hours unpaid work.
The sheriff, who saw background reports, warned both accused that any failure to comply with the orders would inevitably lead to a prison sentence. Progress will be reviewed by the sheriff in a month’s time.

Unpaid work for benefit fraudster

A WICK woman, who claimed benefit to which she was not entitled, has been ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid community service.
Julie Woods, 20, of Owen Place, admitted the offence previously. She failed to inform the authorities about a change in her circumstances and received 1,825 by fraud.
Sheriff Berry sentenced the accused after seeing a background report.

Caused disturbance after being refused entry to his home

Thomas McTeir was ordered to carry out 60 hours unpaid community work for causing a disturbance outside his home in Vansittart Street, Wick.
The incident occurred during a blip in his marriage. He had gone to the house, on December 23 despite being told by his wife, he wouldn’t be welcome. McTeir, 43, who was under the influence of drink, repeatedly rang the buzzer and shouted and swore and demanded entry.
The accused admitted threatening or abusive behaviour and a number of previous convictions. He was granted bail to an address in Glamis Road, Wick.