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19-Feb-07, 21:38
Because they are so often seen , I suspect ducks are often under rated as 'spots'. At this time of year it can be fascinating to watch their interaction as the testosterone starts to kick in. (do birds have testosterone?????)

A strumpet strutting her stuff on the River Thurso today. I thought she was a good bit paler then most and all the finer for that!


What lady could resist him?

19-Feb-07, 21:39
gorgeous photos, what type of camera do you use?

19-Feb-07, 22:15
Thank-you for putting on that beautiful photos, i had a wee laugh to myself when you said about the testosterone kicking in, as i was observing my lady ducks since sir quackers arrived to the pond, here was 3 happy ladies, making the funniest noises, made me almost think the were having a good chin wag, as sir quackers drifted along with his head turned back into his feathers sound asleepppppppp. Aaaaah what a blissfull sight it was LOL (gawd am i going quackers too) LOL

19-Feb-07, 22:25
A Nikon D50, 70-300mm lens. It was a bit dull so I was using 400 asa.

19-Feb-07, 22:59
ooops highlander I tried to help but fear I have mucked it up.:roll: sorry

19-Feb-07, 23:05
Gawd sassy!!! what are we like, guess we are now both out of a job lol

19-Feb-07, 23:41
Enjoyed the pics grumphippo looks like the female has some Aylesbury in her make up, pardon my pun, don't think she would be using powder!
The Eiders had us entranced when we were up a few weeks back espcially the male's water ballet and the wonderful deep sexy call, for a moment I thought my luck was in until I realised it was them.

20-Feb-07, 00:21
Gawd sassy!!! what are we like, guess we are now both out of a job lol

Third time lucky ladies - hope this is what you wanted :D

20-Feb-07, 00:46
Thank-you moira

25-Feb-07, 18:52
The Eider Ducks make very obliging subjects at Scrabster Harbour, here's a photo taken recently.