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07-Jan-14, 16:36
Fined for shouting and swearing at police

AN elderly man, described by a sheriff as "someone who thinks he can do precisely what he likes" was fined 270 for causing a disturbance at a house in Thurso.
The 73-year-old John Gunn, who lives at 5 Morven Place, Thurso, admitted threatening or abusive behaviour at the house in the town's Bayview Terrace, where he was drinking with friends, on August 15. Wick Sheriff Court heard yesterday, that he resented the arrival of police there and told them so, shouting and swearing.
Sheriff Andrew Berry took exception to the accused's conduct towards police officers "going about their lawful business".
Gunn, who has an extensive record, also pleaded guilty to a separate charge of breaching a bail order banning him from seeing or contacting Yvonne Macivor who was discovered at his home on August 16.
Sentence was deferred on that charge until January 24 for a report on his fitness to carry out unpaid work in the community.

Car impounded after driver is accused of failing to give breath samples

A MAN who denied having failed to provide breath samples has had his car impounded by the sheriff.
Brendan MacNamara, 33, denied the charge and a further count of driving without a licence when he appeared from custody and will stand trial on April 29.
The offences are alleged to have occurred on Monday in the Wick area.
His solicitor, Patrick O’ Dea made a special plea following a motion by David Barclay prosecuting, who requested forfeiture of the accused Volkswaggon Passat, pending the outcome of the case.
Mr O’ Dea said that the accused’s new job as a depute hotel manager depended on his being able to drive, and claimed that there was some confusion over his driving licence. It had been returned to McNamara, of 9 Francis Street, Wick, following endorsement by the DVLA which subsequently revoked it.
Sheriff Andrew Berry described the procedure as “strange” and approved the forfeiture motion.

Owner accused of breaching dog control order

A DOG owner is to stand trial on a charge of allowing the Staffordshire terrier to stray from her home while subject to a control order.
Nadia Devine, 24, was arrested and appeared from custody, having twice failed to attend court when required.
The charge which she denies, alleges that during the month of August, 2012, she failed to comply with the dog control order and permitted the dog, named Diesel to stray from her home at 29 Cairndhuna Terrace, Wick, while not accompanied and without a muzzle.
Devine, said to have had bereavement problems, will return to court on April 29 for her trial.

Trouble when accused called to collect belongings from ex.

TROUBLE flared when Gary Macleod arrived at his ex-girlfriend's house in a Caithness village, to collect his belongings.
Macleod, 35, shouted and swore at Wendy Walmsley at her home in Castletown, on August 16, last year and struggled with her new boyfriend.
Macleod, of 33 Mackay Street, Castletown, admitted threatening or abusive behaviour, while on bail, and a record and was ordered to carry out 90 hours unpaid community work.