View Full Version : Shower Curtain

19-Dec-13, 21:23
If anyone finds a blue and white shower curtain flying around the Dunnet Ave/Ackergill Cres. area - it's mine! :roll::o

19-Dec-13, 21:43
I don't know about a Shower Curtain, but at 5am this morning I looked out of my bedroom window and there parked in my front Garden was a Very Large Trampoline, frame safety net etc. :eek:

Quite clearly it had been blown in during the night from one of my neighbours. By the time I got up about 4 hours later it had been moved so someone had found their lost Trampoline.

What else has been found after the breeze we had last night?

19-Dec-13, 21:49
Did you have a wee bounce?:Razz