View Full Version : Belated Valentine Verse and apologies to Clement Clarke Moore

17-Feb-07, 20:52
Twas the night before V-Day, thirty miles from my house
all alone on the highway without friends or my spouse.
My red car it did skitter, and fearing the worst
I careened to the shoulder, the rear tire had burst.

Shaking fingers dialed hubby to tell him the news,
in another few seconds I phoned emergency crews.
My trusty old fiddle kept me good company
though the tunes I could muster were all minor key.

Flashing lights and a siren said help had arrived,
a brand new tire was wrangled in four minutes or five.
He worked like a madman to end my sad plight,
he said “sign here please” and vanished into the night.

It was close upon midnight as I crept down my drive
to a house dark as cinders, not one light was alive.
As my hubby lay snoring all snug in his bed,
I had found a new hero, a mechanic named Fred.