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17-Dec-13, 11:07
Halkirk driver was twice the legal limit

A LOCAL motorist was fined £500 and banned for a year after he admitted driving with more than twice the legal alcohol limit.
George Peddietemple, 45, pleaded guilty. Police carrying out inquiries into a particular vehicle, spoke to him at Harpsdale where he lives and formed the impression he had been drinking. The accused confirmed this. A further test revealed a breath-alcohol level of 83mgs - the legal limit is 35mgs.
Wick Sheriff Court was told that Peedietemple had come off shift at Vulcan where he works as an engineer, about 9.30am on November 20, and had gone for breakfast with workmates followed by some drinks which was an isolated occurrence for the accused.
Peddietample, of Achies, Harpsdale, was said to be "deeply embarrassed" at finding himself in court and had given up alcohol, altogether.
Sheriff Andrew Berry said that the conviction and disqualification would have "far-reaching consequences” for Peddietemple who usually travelled back and fore from his home in Helensburgh and the offence would also be reflected in his insurance.

Speeding offence was "fair cop"

A RETIRED Helmsdale police officer found himself on the wrong side of the law when he hit a speed of 61mph at Reiss.
Michael Barrass, of Golf Road, told officers when stopped – “Fair enough…you got me boys”.
The 60-year-old admitted exceeding the 40mph limit, on November 6 and was fined £100. His licence was endorsed with three penalty points.

Poured drink over his partner

THE sheriff called for a background report on a Buckie man who assaulted his partner in ad Skinandi's nightclub.
Stewart Phimister, 24, of Samson Avenue, Buckie, pleaded guilty to the offence which occurred last month when he grabbed hold of Hayley Pirie and pushed her to the ground.
The incident followed after a spell during which the accused had been “getting more drunk and niggley” as the night more on and ended with him pouring a drinking over her.
Sheriff Berry who described the assault as "outrageous" deferred sentence until January 10 and allowed Phimister's bail to continue along with the existing ban on contacting Ms Pirie and from entering Skinandi's remaining in force.

Accused burst ball by mistake

A MISUNDERSTANDING led to Alexander Durrand bursting a football belonging to youngsters he believed, had been kicking it against his front door.
Durrand, 62, admitted threatening or abusive behaviour in Wellington Street, Wick where he resides.
The court heard that the accused was sometimes the target of pranks by some teenagers. They had been kicking a ball against his front door, on August 29, and took to their heels when they heard Durrand opening it.
He was greeted by some younger kids who were innocent of causing the nuisance but jumped to the wrong conclusion believing them to be ‘guilty’ and burst their ball.
The case was continued until January 10 for a background report and Durrand, was granted bail.