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Mrs Sweetie
04-Dec-13, 18:56
Would you believe we are already at the deals for the end of the year? Call into Meiklejohns, Thurso Street, Wick for some cracking bargains; great items for parties or presents and they are available till 31st December :

* 2LVimto/Caribbean Crush price marked 1.75 - 1 a bottle

* Big bags McCoys steak crisps/Hula Hoops/Phileas Fogg 55g/90g/100g price marked 1 - 3 for 2 or 70p each

* Boxed Maltesers 120g nearly 1/2 price - 1 per box

* 2L Fanta/Dr.Pepper/1.75L Coca cola/diet coke price marked 1.79 - 1.25 a bottle

* Cadbury Milk Tray/Roses/Celebrations/Heroes/Quality Street 200g/245g/275g - 2 a box

* Ferrero Rocher/Lindor Assorted 172g/200g - 3 a box

* Maltesers Teasers/Twix/Mars Bar/Snickers - any 2 for 90p

All offers as stocked and more stock arrives each Wednesday.

Remember we carry local and Scottish items too :

* Bags/Boxes truffles/chocolate shapes/truffle pops from Caithness Chocolate made in Wick

* White/milk/mint/orange/assorted bags of chocolate fudge from Favourites of Freswick

* Pies and sandwiches from MacDonalds Home Bakery, Wick and there will be items from their Christmas range available shortly

* Pies from Johnstons, Thurso

* Orkney Fudge, tablet, beremeal and syrup biscuits from - Orkney!

* Meringue stars/shells, various biscuits and shortbread from Walkers, Scotland

* Sweets from Buchanans, Gibbs, Ross, Millar's and Duncans, all of Scotland

Anyone wanting to order Christmas ice cream cakes please do so by Friday 13th December. Please see my earlier post here (http://forum.caithness.org/showthread.php?215563-Ice-Cream-Cakes-for-Christmas!) for details.

Keep up to date with us on FaceBook - https://www.facebook.com/meiklejohnsconfectioners