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03-Dec-13, 11:40
Londoner looked distressed sheriff concluded

A SHERIFF has called for a medical on a Londoner accused of threatening or abusive behaviour.
Sheriff Andrew Berry took the unusual step after viewing Adam Trent in the dock at Wick, recently.
Trent, 31, is pleading not guilty to the charge in which alleges he entered Dixonfield House in Thurso, univited, on November 27, refused to leave and repeatedly punched a door and refuse bin.
Trent, a first offender, of Blackheath, London, appeared 'fidgety' when he entered the dock from the cells prompting Sheriff Berry to comment: "He seems to be distressed.".
Trent will reappear in court on Monday.

Fined and banned

In a separate case, Ronald Bain admitted driving with excess alcohol and was fined 375.
Bain, of 33 Lawrie Terrace, Thurso, was stopped in the town's Lord Thurso Court, on May 12. Tests revealed a breath-alcohol level of 92mgs - the legal limit is 35. In addition to the fine, he was banned from driving for 15 months but can earn a reduction if he successfully completes the drinks drivers' rehabilitation course.

Alleged to have driven at 109mph in village

A driver is alleged to have hit 109mph at Keiss on September 25.
Thirty-one-year-old James Sutherland, of No 2 Keepers' Cottages, The Lighthouse, Dunnet Head, denies the charge and will stand trial on March 18.