View Full Version : new childrens home

29-Nov-13, 13:23
Was taking a look at the new children s home, Very impressive, But, what was wrong with the old children s home , Which ,if i recall is quite a modern facility , Not even that old. Is there something wrong in the construction , is it going to collapse in the near future,?? or has the council got that much money that it has to spend it or lose it in next years budget?? ...Im sure that amount of money could be better spent elsewhere,
And what is to become of the old building...( If one can call it old) .

maybe im missing something , perhaps someone can enlighten me .??

ps. and looking at the construction in the market square. looks like a really flimsy erection. do,snt look like very heavy gauge steel in the framework . but im sure the designers & architect s know their stuff.
looks like a big meccano set .? cant wait to see the finished product.

29-Nov-13, 19:08
i believe it may be down European Legislation, ie not fit for purpose, too institutionalised and all that tosh:confused mmmmmaybe