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28-Nov-13, 21:55
Anyone else had one of these sent to their in box?

TATA LTD. <lspender88@zoominternet.net>
Nov 26 (2 days ago)

Your Email ID Have draw 500,000.For more details, contact us with your Full Name, Mobile Number and Address
Thank you.
Mrs. Annie Joseph.

I suspect this to be a scam. I haven't even attempted to reply to it.

28-Nov-13, 23:04
I would definitely say so - general rule is if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Mostly file these, Nigeria scams, bank / PayPal / etc. sort of mails straight in the bin - never click a link in an email no matter how official it looks...visit the real website & login there instead.

Another handy trick is if you hover your mouse over a link in an email, and the address it links to (sometimes shows in a bubble nearby, or a status bar at the bottom of the page...all depends how you access your mail) looks nothing like you'd expect (often gobbledegook instead of ending bt.com, paypal.com, etc. depending on who it purports to be from) then it too gets binned.

Lately I've been receiving a plethora of emails with attachments coming from very random addresses - often the attachment is called invoice.pdf, bill.pdf, refund.pdf, etc. and that's more for the bin. In an average day I probably receive 200+ emails and 90-95% are junked automatically or deleted manually, never having been opened :(

28-Nov-13, 23:21
Good advice Bob.

I do the same. :)

01-Dec-13, 19:21
I'm also puzzled as to how these people have my email address too.
I do use google mail though.

01-Dec-13, 19:34
Unfortunately email addresses can be gleaned from many locations - mailing lists are bought & sold like any other commodity, and they can also be found in junk & joke emails which are often forwarded to people's entire address books, sometimes with the previous recipients addresses still in the body of the message - malware & viruses on your computer often scan such emails & send any email addresses found back to their source for just that reason.