View Full Version : Dental dust-up "outrageous" said sheriff

28-Nov-13, 20:27
Under influence patient loses plot after being told to make new appointment
THE drunken behaviour of a man, who subjected dental clinic staff to a tirade of abuse, was described as “outrageous” by a sheriff yesterday.
Terence Nichol’s conduct, which involved a religiously prejudicial remark to the dentist, erupted after he arrived at the Dunbar Clinic, in Thurso, for an appointment, on August 7, Wick Sheriff Court was told yesterday.
One of the staff formed the impression that Nichol, 51, was under the influence of alcohol and suggested that an alternative appointment would be “more appropriate”. The accused appeared to have difficulty in accepting the advice. His reaction was to express concern about a wasted bus fare, shouted and swore at the staff and then lashed out at the entrance door, kicking it.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that the dentist, John Barry, appeared on the scene and he too tried to advocate an alternative appointment as "the best way to proceed".
The fiscal depute went on: “Nichol asked the dentist where he was from and on being told it was Dublin, the accused delivered a tirade making reference to Mr Barry being “a Catholic c**t and a Catholic .”
The fiscal depute added that the police arrived on the scene and also became a target for Nichol’s abuse.
Nichol, of 1 Kitty’s Pass, Armadale, near Thurso, admitted a reduced charge of threatening or abusive conduct, and a record. A plea of not guilty to an additional charge of assaulting Mr Barry by attempting to strike him, was accepted by the fiscal.
Solicitor Neil Wilson commented that arriving at a dental surgery while under the influence “less than helpful” and added that Nichol wished to apologise unreservedly for his behaviour.
Sheriff Andrew Berry acknowledged that alcohol had contributed to Nichol’s “outrageous” behaviour towards staff at a dental clinic who were endeavouring to help him.
But, the sheriff added: “You then try to identify where the dentist was from and proceed to utter a particular form of abuse at him.”
Sheriff Berry will see a background report on Nichol before sentencing him on December 13.