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28-Nov-13, 19:45

A wreck near the Cromarty Firth bridge

01-Dec-13, 19:45
I've always wondered what that is. Any idea what the wreck is?

01-Dec-13, 22:03
No sorry. Passed it many times and eventually stopped last week

01-Dec-13, 23:27
I've always wondered what that is. Any idea what the wreck is?Unknown. Just listed as Craft. Click on Craft and it tells you that it can't be classified more accurately. http://canmore.rcahms.gov.uk/en/site/102038/photographs/unknown+ardullie+point+cromarty+firth/
Looking at the map there appear to be six wrecks in the vicinity of Ardullie Point, ie the end of the bridge at the roundabout.

02-Dec-13, 13:46
I have investigated a little and found this http://permanenttourist.ch/2013/06/more-than-just-wooden-stumps/

07-Dec-13, 19:45
Great picture Gerry, keep em coming. Thanks.

Even Chance
23-Jan-14, 13:10
The boat was a Zulu type of sailing fishing boat. You can still see the sloping sternpost (the very back of the boat), and the small engine that was fitted.
More boats were pulled up on the side and broken up further up the road at Ardullie Point.

Good photo of it, thanks.

24-Jan-14, 13:17
Even Chance

Are those other boats still visible or long since rotted? Thanks for the extra info, very interesting. Also glad you liked the photo

25-Jan-14, 01:18
Nice photo, before I moved north, crossing that causeway and seeing the seals etc, always told me that I was back in The Highlands.

25-Jan-14, 15:05
With me after I moved back to England it was getting through Perth, mind my parents lived in Glenlivet so we turned off the A9 at Aviemore. Never came this far north until about 6 years ago.