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26-Nov-13, 21:44
Hi :)

I thought I would create this post, showcasing the capabilities of DSLR's when they are clicked into 'video' mode. I have a Canon 60d, very basic, very powerful! I find myself doing far more timelapsing and filming with it rather than taking pictures … pure and simply - because of the adjustable/tilting LCD monitor on it! When filming or timelapsing, you can get into the most awkward position to capture that composition you are after - without having to lie on the ground looking at the monitor, all you do is flip and tilt the monitor back at you! Incredibly functional. And coupled with a good lens, the footage can be SO sharp!

I wanted to share my most recent project; a short video of a mountain bike event down in Kinlochleven - north of Glen Coe, south of Fort William (I noticed there were some mountain bikers from Caithness at the event! I never got a chance to hunt them down to get 'e craic' with …. too busy filming :lol:!). The edit is getting well received within the online mountain bike community which i find very humbling!


And here is a video I did a few weeks ago of surfing in Thurso (it got spied and featured in one of the top online surf sites Carvemag.com and i have since had people from all around the world email to tell me they never realised the waves on offer in Thurso! Im 100% for showcasing the Highlands):



28-Nov-13, 19:12
Just watched your two videos: Great work. Great shooting, editing & compilation. Thanks for sharing it here. I'll have a look at the rest of your videos later tonight.

Why don't you share them on the local 'Caithness Photos' page on facebook? www.facebook.com/groups/508815242476907/
I'm sure many locals would be pleased to see them there...

What lenses do you use on the 60D, for your videos?

Rgds., Don S. (Watten)

argyle kid
29-Nov-13, 11:55
More power to your camera. Great!!
Regards AK.

29-Nov-13, 14:29
Thanks for watching Don and AK! Appreciate the good feedback, it makes all the lugging of gear up steep muddy hills, and hours of editing worth the while :) ha!

Yeah absolutely, i'll check out the page just now and share.

For the surfing video … I primarily used a Canon EF-L 100-400mm 4.5-5.6 IS its a cracker of a lens, when the sun is out it is very sharp, slightly slow on the auto focus - but she gets there, but i tend to use manual focus when filming. Plus, it is the Mk1 version, i gather the Mk2 lens is sharper and quicker AF. For the timlapses/close town shots i used a cheap and cheerful canon 24-80mm cost me about £30, good enough lens that tied me over.

For the mountain bike video, i got shot of the £30 24-80mm, and bought another Canon EF-L lens; a 24-70mm f2.8 … my new favourite lens! Extremely sharp, Extremely versatile range to it - i brought my whole camera bag, few other lenses; and did not touch one other lens all weekend. Very quick auto focus (again, i tend to go manual for filming). The 24-70mm covered all my needs to capture the event. I found myself in between 24 and 50mm looked good for landscape/rider shots … and 70mm for close up/macro shots. For logistics, minimal lugging of gear - amazing lens. Ive just ordered a Canon 5d MK3 … and cannot wait to see the 24-70 through a full frame sensor!!! :)

Very overwhelmed by the reactions! Three days in and my bike video has had just under 7000 views! It also got featured on the front page website of one of the worlds biggest mountain bike magazines called Dirt Magazine, describing it as "Arguably the most beautiful enduro video ever made, from arguably the finest enduro race ever…" which left me speechless! Ive been subscribed to them for nearly a decade and look up to their extremely high level of photography;

link can be found HERE


29-Nov-13, 22:47
I have just been informed that my video has been entered into the 2014 Fort William Mountain Festival Film Competition!! :)

Voting takes place on their Facebook page … simply click 'like' on my video, the top 3 videos with the most 'likes' get taken away to be judged by a panel. Voting closes on the 1st of December, so be quick :)

Feel free to share ;)

29-Nov-13, 22:48
… and a link would be very helpful ha!!

CLICK HERE (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-William-Mountain-Festival-Film-Competition/168830326527336)

29-Nov-13, 22:53
link to the site: www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-William-Mountain-Festival-Film-Competition/168830326527336

'Liked'. Good luck. :-)

29-Nov-13, 23:25
thanks v much Don! :)

01-Dec-13, 10:32
That's fantastic movie making. Well done and good luck.

31-Dec-13, 16:18
Wow! Fantastic video's, well done and thanks for sharing.

05-Jan-14, 09:52
Thanks very much for kind words! :D

21-Jan-14, 06:43
Just watched your surfing video and it was excellent. I felt like I was there on the beach, on the hill. You captured the energy of the sea and the surfers beautifully. Jolly good job.

02-Feb-14, 12:10
Thanks very much susie! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

20-Feb-14, 21:04
Thanks very much to those whom have taken time to watch and share my videos :) ... just announced that my mountain bike video has won the "Outdoor Capital of the UK" category of the Fort William Mountain Film Festival Competition!

Link to the video can be found here: https://vimeo.com/80323278

21-Feb-14, 00:15
Many congratulations- well deserved :D!

argyle kid
21-Feb-14, 12:28
More congratulations !!

Regards AK.

23-Feb-14, 15:28
Brilliant. Very well done.

28-Feb-14, 20:23
Thanks very much for your kind words :) it was an excellent night! So much has spurred from that night since.