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14-Feb-07, 21:00
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New Caithness Arts Forum - Minutes Of 5 February 2007

NOTE OF INAUGURAL MEETING MONDAY 5 FEBRUARY 2007 AT 2.00PM IN THE LARGE UPSTAIRS LOUNGE, PENTLAND HOTEL, THURSO PRESENT: George Bruce OBE, Caithness Partnership (interim chairman) Eann Sinclair, HIE Caithness & Sutherland Cllr Roger Saxon Graeme Smith, Caithness Partnership Lorna Simpson, Ormlie Community Association Shona Macdonald, Highland Council Sheila Swanson, Caithness Arts George Gunn, Caithness Arts Trevor Williams, Caithness Arts Iain Gunn, Caithness Arts Linda Hutton, Caithness Arts Sally Edwards, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Christine Russell, Caithness Arts Katrina MacNab, Pulteneytown Peoples Project Anna MacConnell, Caithness Partnership Welcome & introductions George Bruce welcomed members to the meeting and explained that the Partnership had been asked to help set up an Arts Forum for Caithness. He stated that there are great benefits in working in partnership to focusing on a particular issue and in working together to solve problems and lobby for change. ... [Read Full Article (http://arts.caithness.org/article.php?id=285)]