View Full Version : Frozen Dog Food??

26-Nov-13, 10:44
Does anyone know where I can purchase frozen dog meat. I normally buy it from Pets at Home but their deliveries are so unreliable and they never know when they are getting it into the store. I have three dogs (2 labs and a boxer) who have been on a raw food diet for a few years and I am struggling more and more to get a reliable source. Any help or information really appreciated.

08-Dec-13, 13:23
Hi there, you can buy the frozen food directly from Natures Menue on line, and even get a discount if you order enough over a period of time. I have been buying from them directly for years, thus cutting out the middle man ie Pets at Home so get it almost at half price! Don't know their delivery dates for your area, but they will tell you on-line, but it once a fortnight for mine (near Inverness). their free phone number is 0800 0183 770. Good luck

31-Dec-13, 02:55
There are a bunch of us who place an order for raw food every 2 months from Fife Animal feeds, it is delivered to Thurso. pm me and I will give you details of our facebook group if you are interested? Next delivery should be due at the beginning of february.