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24-Nov-13, 00:57
Have a new kitten that is either going through his 9 lives super fast ....or he likes water...!
After his mad half hour he ends the mayhem by throwing himself in the bath ...not too bad as most nights its empty, but after 6 soakings and blow drys the lil cat hasnt learned the bath may be filled with water (kids dont like sharing the bath either) How to keep the cat dry and kids happy as the bathroom door is on a revolving door (well feels like it) at bathtime and never shut for long...one child in then out ..the next in etc...then the cat throws himself in the bath between the turnaround of the kids as he is hyper....arghhh! new bath as kids wont use bathwater the cat has used!
(cat not bothered about kids bathwater....)hey ho!
Anyone else got a cat that likes water like a full on bath?
Other than the drippy tap ?
or a swimmer of a cat?

Tilly Teckel
24-Nov-13, 01:08
Sounds like the little fella is just learning about life and everything that goes on in it! I used to have Bengal cats, and they love water - maybe he has a bit of Bengal in him?

24-Nov-13, 10:18
or some wild cat him him lol they like water to :lol: