View Full Version : NHC Birdwatching Evening Class - We need you !

catherine nicol
14-Feb-07, 13:57
Hello fellow birders

Would you like to develop the interest that you already have in our feathered friends?

North Highland College are looking for people to sign up for a one off Birdwatching Evening Class.

It was originally intended to run a 'Birdwatching for Beginners' class but as there was insufficient interest for this introductory level it has been decided to open this class up to a wider audience/knowledge level.

If you would like to join me and some of my fellow birders then please either 'pm' me or alternatively phone Fiona Rosie at NHC after 4.00pm on tel no 01847 889000 between now and Friday to register an interest.

It is intended to run the class weekly on a Thursday and we hope to start the class next week if we can generate sufficient interest.

Geoff Bates will teach the class and at our first meeting we can discuss what we would like to learn and what field trips we would like to attend.

Geoff is willing to base this extra class around our own interests rather than stick to a formal structure, so let him know what you would like to learn and where you would be keen to visit (local or otherwise) and he will arrange for this to be included in the tutorial material.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Birding !


It's FREE if you are OAP, and if you are on certain benefits you are exempt from paying.

Pass on to your friends and relatives............that you may think would be interested.

catherine nicol
22-Feb-07, 14:10
Just a quick update.

We did not get sufficient interest in this course at this time so it has been postponed for now. The college intend to readvertise it so maybe next time !

Thanks to everyone who viewed this thread and subsequently applied.