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14-Feb-07, 09:37
Whenever I think of Valentine Day these words of a lovely old Edwardian song come to mind - I hope some of you may know the tune because it's beautiful. My granddad often sang this to us when we were little - bless him.

I値l be your sweetheart
If you will be mine,
All my life, I値l be your Valentine.
Bluebells I値l gather,
Take them and be true.
When I知 a man, my plan,
Will be to marry you.


16-Feb-07, 06:43
Lavenderblue2, I do indeed know the tune to that song! :) My grandmother, who was born in 1900, used to sing it. Sometimes we'd watch a programme on TV with her called "The Good Old Days", which was old fashioned music hall entertainment. The performers would sing songs from the Victorian and Edwardian eras, as well as donning clothes from those times. The audience would dress up in the same way, and sing along with the performers when cued to do so. "I'll Be Your Sweetheart" was one of the popular sing-along songs.

16-Feb-07, 20:02
Oh yes Sporran, I remember that programme very well - I loved it. I am so glad you remember that song tune.
The Music Hall was great entertainment for ordinary folk before TV was invented.
When I was small there were still two theatres who put on Music Hall type shows in the town nearest to where I lived and I was taken there on many occasions - before you think that I am maybe as old as Methuselah - I was born after WW2.

Actually, maybe I am....:lol: