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Cedric Farthsbottom III
13-Feb-07, 18:24
I'm a day early but won't be on the org so I'll do it now

Ye mesmerised me the first day we met
I saw the sparkle in yer eyes,my dear
For I knew ye were the girl of ma dreams
Yer personality shone oot so clear

For have we had an argument over the years
To like Star Wars,is it so hard?
Or to find out if 5 takes ye into credit
On a 5 electricity card

Ye are ma life,ye are my love
"Everyday I love ye" thats what I say
365 days of the year
Obiron.Happy Valentines Day

13-Feb-07, 22:27
Oh Cedric friend, you made me cry.

13-Feb-07, 23:44
Was it the light that twinkled in her eye?
Was it the laughter bye and bye?
The hair that glinted in the sun?
The irrepressable sense of fun?
Or did she cook a splendid dinner?
Either way you picked a winner.

Happy Valentine's Cedric and Obiron

Billy Boy
14-Feb-07, 20:53
Cedric lol, you inspired me to write my own for Mrs BB.

My Darling Mrs BB
You mean the world to me
I love the way the sun shine's on your wig
or the way you laugh & snort like a pig

Or the way that you look at me with your cock eye & buck teeth
I love the way your love handles wabble when you run
You fill my life with laughter & fun
I love the way you snore at night
Boy you really do look a sight

And there's the way you let rip in the bath
Or how you charge about on the warpath
I love those deep lined wrinkles when you smile
Its all those things that make my love worth while[lol]

I really do love you mrs Billy Boy;)

14-Feb-07, 23:48
Now true love takes many shapes,
Hope the missus understands ye'r japes!
Seems like you love her warts an' all
And have no shame the truth to call.
If not I think ye're in beeg trouble
When she sticks a needle in ye'r bubble.

So hope you bought the choccies and the flowers,
That you tended to her wiles fer hours.
Pandered to her every whim and pleasure
With the most generous of measure.
Played her love songs true
'cos it seems you love her too.

15-Feb-07, 05:35
Ma husband is in the doghoose, he's no ma Valentine,
For this February fourteenth, he sure messed up big time! :roll:
I came hame fae work this evenin', expectin' bonnie flooers,
But instead a coffee maker, wi' a card signed "Always yours"

This wifie wisna thrilled, o' that ah can assure ye,
Ah didna lek the pressie, it wisna ma cup o' tea,
"Wake up and smell the coffee!" is somethin' we often say,
But ah'd rather be smellin' roses, on this Valentine's Day! :confused