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13-Feb-07, 17:43
this one drives my mum mad!! its a simple recipe yet everytime she makes them they are like hockey pucks! and so inedible the dog wont touch then so how to you get that delicious crispy light yorkie pud? so far aunt bessie has been our saviour from mums [lol]

13-Feb-07, 17:55
I love making my own yorkshire puddings, i use small patty tins, put teaspoon of oil in each of the 12 patty tins, put into the oven a good hr before cooking, as the secret of good yorkshire puddings is to have the oil smoking hot, cook for 25-30 mins, but dont open the oven untill cooked.

4oz plain flour
two eggs
pinch of salt
6oz milk

Put flour and salt into a bowl, make a well and add both eggs, slowing mix together, adding small amounts of milk, once you have added all the milk, beat well, untill you have loads of bubbles.

15-Feb-07, 21:46
My recipe is similar, but I use beef fat saved from last roast. But last time, the smoke alarms went off LOL Not burnt but the fat smoked badly.

16-Feb-07, 11:57
When we lived in Yorkshire, (where else?) a "giant" Yorkshire pudding would be served filled with a beef casserole. Especially for a Sunday lunch. :) The pudding was the size of a dinner plate.

Any ideas how I could adapt the recipe for standard size puddings into one for a big pudding without ending up with either a soggy mess or a burnt disaster?

I imagine it would need a baking tin the size you'd use for a "sandwich cake" - 8" diameter, but not too deep. I just can't think what the quantity & timing would be...:confused