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13-Feb-07, 14:27
hey people bet you have been askied this many times before but i am new to all this and was wandering about the chat do u need a seperate id for it? and does it get used at all?

13-Feb-07, 16:14
Are you having problems getting into the chat...is very easy, if your in the message boards just click on "Chat Room" on the blue toolbar and sit back and you will get in.
I hope:D

13-Feb-07, 17:04
i find the chat to be very friendly and wea a bit of a laugh.. x

13-Feb-07, 17:54
There isn't usually people in chat til evening but it will tell u the members that are in on the front page of e forums.

Good Luck in getting in to chat as Danc1ng said it is a good laugh :lol:

14-Feb-07, 02:42
thanx all im new to this whole thing wot tym do u all go on?

14-Feb-07, 20:06
Usually find someone i the chat from around about 8pm onwards :D

Hope 2 c u there soon

17-Feb-07, 12:20
wot tym does everyone tend to go on the chat ?

17-Feb-07, 13:21
wot tym does everyone tend to go on the chat ?

If you click on "Caithness.Org Forums" at the top of this page on the left, this will take you to the list of the forums and down towards the bottom you will see a list of who is in the chat room at any given time. I don't think many use it during the day but come 8 o'clock "British time" onwards you can usually find a few and during the night you will find our overseas members chatting quietly so as not to disturb us.....;)

If you are looking for a wee blether at any time, just log in to the chatroom and maybe someone will come and join you. More experienced users may come on with better advice; I can't keep up with them so I am not on very often! :lol: