View Full Version : Driving ban for near ton-up rookie

13-Nov-13, 17:37
Dangerous driving could have had serious consequences sheriff tells teen accused

POLICE clocked a rookie driver hitting a near ton on a main road approach to Wick...two months after he passed his test.
Gary Paterson admitted driving dangerously in a 60mph limit and was banned for a year by Sheriff Andrew Berry who said that his actions could have had "serious consequences". Paterson, an apprentice motor mechanic, was also fined 300 at Wick Sheriff Court, and will have to resit his test when his disqualification ends.
The 18-year-old was heading north to Wick on the night of April 19 when he was caught by police at the end of the mile-long, straight stretch of the A99, between Hempriggs and the town. Paterson, of 1 Coghill Street, Wick, had two passengers with him at the time. He was originally charged with travelling at 102mph but pleaded to a reduction to 99mph. David Barclay, prosecuting, said that Paterson commented to the police -"I should not have been so stupid". He also volunteered the fact that he had passed his test only two months earlier.
Solicitor Sylvia MacLennan said that the accused had landed himself in "a lot of difficulty" given the nature of the work he did for his living. Paterson appreciated the significance of the fact that there were side roads leading off the A99 from farms and private homes, and that he was carrying passengers.
Miss MacLennan added that, despite the conviction, Paterson was hopeful that his job would not be in jeopardy and that he could continue his employment at a local garage, in another capacity. A letter from his employer was submitted to the court indicating that the offence was "out of character" for him.
The solicitor appealed to Sheriff Andrew Berry to keep the disqualification to a minimum given the accused’s type of work and the fact that resitting his test would be an additional punishment.
The sheriff expressed the hope that Paterson now realised that his “very high” speed offence could have had potentially serious consequences.