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12-Feb-07, 21:59
I have a very annoying problem. My puter seems to switch off abruptly to the sound of what sounds like the needle being scratched across a record on a record player every half hour or so. I haven't lost any data yet but it is going to happen soon.:~(

Any ideas what it can be? I have done a full up to date virus scan.


Thanks in advance!

12-Feb-07, 23:25
You obviously need a new needle; I have a box of old "His Master's Voice" in the attic so could give you a few! :)

13-Feb-07, 11:03
Strange! Mine has been doing the same but not so regularly [disgust]. Makes you fairly get into the habit of saving more frequently as you go along.

I've got a feeling it may be the PSU (possibly overheating?) so have ordered a new one which should be here Wednesday so will let you know if that cures mine.

13-Feb-07, 21:24
your CPU is either getting heated & shutting down or it is a PSU problem.

14-Feb-07, 20:42
Agree with Praetorian. My son's pc was shutting down abruptly, so I took the sides offthe case and vacuumed the heatsinks on the graphics card and CPU. Lots of dust came out, but no change.... left it switched on and sat with it until it shut down. With the sides off the case, found that the PS was getting very hot and smelling of hot plastic. Replaced it; problem solved. You could try going into Hardware Monitor in the pc BIOS and check the cpu temp and voltages off the PS. If the cpu temp is OK (depends on processor so can't tell you what it should be) but the voltages are bouncing around like billy-o and particularly if any are below 12V, or 5V or 3,3V (as appropriate), its likely to be the PS. (BTW most recent CPUs run at 1.4V or thereabouts so don't worry about that).

New PS, 10 - 30 for cheapest up to a good one, and up to a couple of hundred if you want the last word in nuclear fusion :lol:

20-Feb-07, 10:39
Well I replaced the PSU and 24 hours later not a blip in sight so fingers crossed that has solved the problem.

Anyone want a red 430W ATX PSU with reliability issues :lol:! Free to a good home - in fact free to any home...

20-Feb-07, 11:38
I think it was overheating too. I have cleaned the inflow holes for the cooler fan (it is a laptop) as quite a few were gunked up with dust. The problem, come to think of it, was only happening when mrs Rheg had the heating on full blast and I was playing a game with fast graphics.

Problem solved now, thanks everyone! :Razz

21-Jul-07, 13:42
Hehe oddly enough there is the same problem with a jukebox in a hotel I go to. There it only happens when it turns on though. One of the most annoying sounds on the planet....