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19-Mar-05, 13:02
Duress will be playing in Skinandis on Thursday 24th March, the day before good friday. We hope to see you there for an enjoyable evening.

20-Mar-05, 22:11
Aye, Richard was telling me abt it, if I can, I'll see if I can make it. Will it be £8 to get in like it usually is if a band's playing?

21-Mar-05, 14:42
Im not sure to be honest, usually if a band is playing on a thursday night it is £5 entry. But dont quote me on that. Hope to see u there

The Pepsi Challenge
22-Mar-05, 20:49
(Like every other venue in the world)... why don't you set up a guest list, so your closest friends, fans, and family can get in without paying? Although something tells me this doesn't apply to Skin "bleed-every-penny-out-of-people-possible" andis.

23-Mar-05, 12:42
Thats a good idea but considering that a lot of ma mates work in skinandis or the central etc, they get in for free anyway so it would seem a waste of time trying to do that.

The Pepsi Challenge
24-Mar-05, 01:31
You're missing my point, but nevermind.

24-Mar-05, 11:49
Point being so that Pepsi can get in free ;)

Well, it is coming up to the end of the month after all... and people haven't been paid yet... *sigh* lol

The Pepsi Challenge
24-Mar-05, 16:15
The Pepsi Challenge hasn't had to pay for a gig ticket since 1998. Seriously, I hope the gig is a resounding success. Let it weave in and out the moors of Caithness. Oi! Oi!

24-Mar-05, 21:56
Who are Duress anyway?

25-Mar-05, 12:40
A big thank-you to everyone who turned out last night, i hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. And a big thank-you goes out to Kevin Mcleod for doing the sound for us last night.

25-Mar-05, 13:32
What little of the gig I got to see was fantastic. Sorry I had to leave early, moncur. You guys were great!