View Full Version : A Stroll In The Sand

12-Feb-07, 20:32
We walked together, hand in hand,
Strolling along the pale yellow sand,
The waves rolled gently upon the sea,
And we were happy as two could be.

The breeze was soft upon my face,
And so was your kiss as we embraced,
The sun shone brightly, the sky was blue,
As we told each other "I love you."

We left our footprints in the sand,
On that peaceful beach where sea met land,
We picked up shells, a piece of driftwood,
I thought to myself "Life is so good!"

You drew a heart upon the sand,
With the driftwood stick held in your hand,
You wrote the letters of your name,
And then with mine, you did the same.

We said our love would last forever,
That we would always be together,
A perfect moment on the beach,
A blue horizon out of reach!

Cedric Farthsbottom III
13-Feb-07, 17:27
Brilliant Sporran......enjoyed that big time:D

13-Feb-07, 18:12
Thankyou, Cedric, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

The inspiration was my new avatar. Gazing at the picture of the heart drawn in the sand, I thought, "Hmmm......I can feel a poem coming on here!"