View Full Version : Older cat looking for new home

06-Nov-13, 20:57
I'm posting this on behalf of someone who is very reluctantly looking for a new home for Henry. He's about 10 years old, neutered and affectionate. He does tend to rule the roost a bit so would probably be better with no other cats and is used to having access to the outdoors.

Sadly Henry's current owner is worried for his safety on account of a couple of dogs which have recently appeared and are anything but cat-friendly. Some pictures of Henry below.


If you think you could offer Henry a safe and loving home, please contact his owner on 01847 821180. Thank you.

Tilly Teckel
06-Nov-13, 22:44
Aw, he's gorgeous! I almost wish I didn't have dogs [disgust] Hope he finds a lovely home soon.